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Our names are SD and L. We are best friends who happen to live on different sides of the world. One of us is Russian and the other is American. We'll write about what's ever on our minds, which can be just about anything because we each have different interests that we would like to share with the world. However, our main goal is to move to NYC together and videoblog our adventures there. One cool thing we will provide everyone with on this blog is our “Awesome List.” This list is composed of 101 things that we plan on doing together in NYC and America in general. See you all out on the adventure! Do you want to know about updates on our blog - follow us on twitter! https://twitter.com/khabarovsk_pitt

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

101 Things To Do In NYC (America): Part 12 - Tell Me A Secret

Here we are once again! It’s time to return to a subject that is all so important to us. The main reason we created this blog was to share our love for NYC. And what better way to show this love then to create a huge list of awesome things to do. I can’t really believe it, but we’re already at number 12 on our list. That only leaves us 89 more things to talk about. :D It’s a fun blog and we look forward to sharing our wonderful ideas of thing to do in NYC.

Anyway, this week I’ll talk about something that’s pretty interesting. It’s something that I found out about only recently…very recently. I guess it is kind of a secret, as there are not many that really know about it, which is what makes this idea kind of special. And that is exactly what we look for, special ideas. Ideas that we hope will create special memories for us. I know I’ve mentioned that in the last post about NYC, but that means a lot to us. We want these memories in NYC to mean something and for them to mean something and be totally memorable the ideas and things we do have to be unique, different, and just plain cool.

How about I just get to the point, right? Here it is, the Whispering Gallery. This is the “secret” thing I was talking about. The Whispering Gallery is located in NYC’s Grand Central Terminal (at a certain location). It’s called the whispering gallery because of the way that part of the building was designed. There’s these diagonal arches that supposedly create cool acoustics, which sends someone’s speech across the arch. I was thinking that me and L could stand at the diagonal arches and whisper secrets to each. It’s actually a pretty cool idea. Who knows what we’ll actually tell each other. It should be interesting. Also we could sing some song lyrics back and forth to each other also. Or just whatever is on our mind.

I guess that’s all for now,