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Our names are SD and L. We are best friends who happen to live on different sides of the world. One of us is Russian and the other is American. We'll write about what's ever on our minds, which can be just about anything because we each have different interests that we would like to share with the world. However, our main goal is to move to NYC together and videoblog our adventures there. One cool thing we will provide everyone with on this blog is our “Awesome List.” This list is composed of 101 things that we plan on doing together in NYC and America in general. See you all out on the adventure! Do you want to know about updates on our blog - follow us on twitter! https://twitter.com/khabarovsk_pitt

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

5 inspiring ideas for life

We thought it would be more exciting to think of some exact weekly themes for our blog. So you will know what to expect from us and maybe wait for further posts.
Lets start. This is gonna be a new weekly theme for our blog. It will be like a list of 5 inspiring and interesting ideas for life (design,make-up,fashion maybe...everything I find inspiring) with a lot of cool pictures. Some of these things you could make on your own and others are just for inspiration and made by professionals.

  So here it is.

  1. I like this idea cause you can create like a family tree using your photos. Besides it looks great.

  2. Its an idea for a wedding invitation. The invitation is a form of lottery ticket and when you erase the layer on a ticket – you can see the exact date of wedding.

  3. Just a cool idea of decorating cupcakes for children.

  4. I personally think it looks pretty beautiful. Decorating a wall with hearts. This is not difficult at all.

  5. The last one is just really simple. I must say I love coffee in any way. It does not matter if it's hot or cold. Im just kind of a coffee maniac. But I dont really drink it so much. I enjoy every single cup. So here is an idea of  how you can make an ice coffee.

     See you,