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Our names are SD and L. We are best friends who happen to live on different sides of the world. One of us is Russian and the other is American. We'll write about what's ever on our minds, which can be just about anything because we each have different interests that we would like to share with the world. However, our main goal is to move to NYC together and videoblog our adventures there. One cool thing we will provide everyone with on this blog is our “Awesome List.” This list is composed of 101 things that we plan on doing together in NYC and America in general. See you all out on the adventure! Do you want to know about updates on our blog - follow us on twitter! https://twitter.com/khabarovsk_pitt

Thursday, August 15, 2013

You are beautiful no matter what they say

   As I already said I have had some problems with my health recently. I dont want to name the exact disease but I can say its an autoimmune one. So its probably gonna be with me for all my life. But I dont really care. I always believe that everything is gonna be okay. No matter what. The disease even made me a better person,I guess.
But I have lost about 60% of my hair because of it. And my cheeks became bigger because of meds. So people on the street often stare at me like Im some kind of miracle. But once again I dont really care because I feel beautiful. Its an inner feeling. Its inside of me. I guess no one can change that. 
  The world would be such a boring place to live in if all people would be the same. Just imagine that. Everyone has the same eyes,nose,lips,body. Everyone is beautiful but does it sound right?! I dont think so. Im just trying to say no matter what other people think- you are beautiful in your own way.It should be inside of you and you should accept this as a fact. You are beautiful no matter what they say.